Capris Groups

Capris (Philadelphia) (gms: Rena (sp) Hinton, Ruben Wright, Eddie Warner, Harrison Scott, and Bobby Smart.)

– God Only Knows/ That’s What You’re Doing To Me, ’54 (Gotham G-304)

– It Was Moonglow/ Too Poor To Love, ’55 (Gotham G-306 )

– It’s A Miracle/ Let’s Linger Awhile, ’56 (Gotham 7308)

– My Weakness/ Yes, My Baby Please, ’56 (20th Century 1201)

– God Only Knows/ That’s What You’re Doing To Me, ’57 (20th Century 7304)

– God Only Knows/ That’s What You’re Doing To Me, ’64 (Lost Nite 112) (This release is not in the book.  The b-side scan was found only on the Lost-Nite 112 pressing.)


Capris (Philadelphia), ’90 (Collectables LP 5000)

01-10: God Only Knows, He Still Loves Me, You’re Mine Again, How Long, Let’s Linger Awhile, It’s A Miracle, Bless You, That’s What You’re Doing To Me, It Was Moonglow, She Still Loves Me,

11-21: My Weakness outtake, Milk And Gin, I Miss Your Love, Yes, My Baby Please, Just A Fool, That’s What You’re Doing To Me outtake, It Was Moonglow outtake, Too Poor To Love, Please Believe Me, Let’s Linger Awhile outtake, My Weakness, Yes, My Baby Please outtake.



Mel Williams-uncredited featuring The Capris (Calif) – Oo Wah/ Fools Fall In Love, ’54 (Rage 101)



Capris (Rochester NY) – Oh, My Darling/ Rock, Pretty Baby, ’58 (Lifetime 610 & Candlelite 422, ’63) (The book listed as part of the Philadelphia group.)



Hollywood Saxons as The Capris (LA)

– Endless Love, ’59 (Tender 518) (The flip ‘Beware’ is released as Jessie Belvin & The Capris but is reported to be a reissue by Jesse Belvin on Cash 1056.)

– Endless Love (Slow Version)/ Endless Love (Fast Version), ’65 (Impact 34)



Capris (Fable (Trio)) – Can’t Get Over You/ This Is Goodbye, ’59 (Fable 665) (/youtube, group members are Kenneth Williams, Libby Weiner, Esther Weiner.  Scans were not found.)



Capris (NY-Sabre) – My Promise To You/ Bop! Bop! Bop!, ’59 (Sabre 201-202)



Capris (Queens)

– There’s A Moon Out Tonight/ Indian Girl, ’58 (Planet 1010-11, Old Town 1094, ’60, Lost Nite (pink) 101, ’60, Trommers 101, ’60)

– Where I Fell In Love/ Some People Think, ’61 (Old Town 1099)

– Tears In My Eyes/ Why Do I Cry, ’61 (Old Town 1103)

– Girl In My Dreams/ My Island In The Sung, ’61 (Old Town 1107)

– Limbo/ From The Vine Came The Grape, ’62 (Mr Peacock 118 & Mr Peeke 118, ’63) (No scans as Mr Peacock.)


Capris (Queens)

– Morse Code Of Love/ There’s A Moon Out Again, ’82 (Ambient Sound 02697)

– A Hum Diddly [sic] Dee Do, ’82 (Collectables LP 5016 (1-3)) (Book and other sources list as A Hum Diddily Dee Do.  No jacket scans found for the LP.)

– Stars In The Sky (Recorded 1961), ’82 (Collectables LP 5016 (1-5))


– Little Girl/ When (Lost-Nite 148) (This is a Philadelphia label but it is not the Philadelphia group.  The book dated as N/A.  According to, the sides belong to the Queens group.  Another source says it is not theirs.  Need credible authority if it is or not.)


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