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Accents (Hollywood CA-Blue Mill Group) – Baby Blue/ Don’t Expect A Miracle, ’55 (Blue Mill 111)

(I have not heard either side.  While scans for the listed release were not found, Blue Mill scans for ‘I’ll Leave The Door Open’ by Georgia Brown (w Bill Loose Orchestra) on #108 and ‘The Curse Of An Aching Heart’ on a ‘preview release #110’ credited without a group as (featuring The Old Ragtimer).  Both scans locate label in Hollywood CA.)



Accents (Hollywood CA-ref Scott Seeley) – Cool-A-Roo (I Love You, Baby), ’55 (Ac’cent 1025) (No artist credited.)

as Jackie Allen (w The Accents) – Don’t Go, ’55 (Ac’cent 1025)


Accents (Hollywood CA-ref Scott Seeley) (Jackie Allen Lead)

– Bop Me Baby/ Mood To Be Wooed, ’55 (Ac’cent 1027) (No scans found.)

– Forever Yours/ Yes, Yes, ’55 (Ac’cent 1031) (No scans found.)


Accents (Hollywood CA-ref Scott Seeley) (Unknown Lead)

– Voice Of The Bayous/ Where Will You Be, ’56 (Ac’cent 1036)

– Name Song/ This Ole Body, ’56 (Ac’cent 1037)



Accents (Phoenix)

Gary Trexler And The Accents – Cloud Full Of Tears/ Teen Baby, ’57 (Rev 3507)

Jim Murphy And The Accents – I’m Gone Mama/ Plumb Crazy, ’57 (Rev 3508)

as Ted Newman – I Double Dare You/ None Of Your Tears, ’57 (Rev 3511)



David Gates as Accents (Oklahoma) (Vocal by David Gates) – Jo-Baby/ Lovin’ At Night, ’57 (Perspective Sound 121057500) (Accents Groups not included in book.)

David Gates & The Accents (Oklahoma) – Lovin’ At Night/ Jo-Baby, ’58 (Robbins 1008) (Accents Groups not included in book.)



Accents (Hollywood, Calif) (ref Robert Draper Jr)  – Dreamin’ And Schemin’/ Wiggle, Wiggle, ’58 (Brunswick 55100)


Accents (Hollywood, Calif) (Robert Draper Jr Soloist) – I Give My Heart To You, ’59 (Brunswick 55123)

Accents (Hollywood, Calif) (Lee Godeau Jr Soloist) – Ching A Long, ’59 (Brunswick 55123) (Lyrics are Ching A Long.  There are also pressings as Ching A Ling.)


Accents (Hollywood, Calif) (ref Robert Draper Jr) – Anything You Want Me To Be/ Autumn Leaves (Les Feuilles Mortes), ’59 (Brunswick 55151 & Coral 62151)



Accents (NY White Group) – 22 Del Rio Avenue/ Red Light, ’59 (Jubilee 5353)



Accents (Brooklyn) as Dreamers (Brooklyn) – Canadian Sunset/ Mary Mary, ’60 (Guaranteed 219)


Accents (Brooklyn)

– 100 Wailin’ Cats/ Our Wonderful Love, ’62 (Jive 888)

– A Hundred Wailin’ Cats/ Our Wonderful Love, ’62 (Veejay 484)

– Little Boy Blue/ Movin’ Along, ’62 (Matt 0001) (No scans found.  The book included the Matt release with this group.  It is said Mike Lasman is on lead.  Some sources do not include these titles.)

– Rags To Riches/ Where Can I Go, ’63 (Sultan 5500)


Accents (Brooklyn) backing Scott English

– High On A Hill, ’63 (Sultan 4003 & Spokane 4003)

– All I Want Is You/ Here Comes The Pain, ’63 (Spokane 4007)



Accents (Unconfirmed) – (The Ballad Of) Cassius Clay/ Til You Bring Your Love Back To Me, ’62 (Joker 200)  (This is possibly Brooklyn Group.  As/Collectors Frenzy, the Joker 200 sides are The Ballad of Cassius Clay b/w Cassius Clay.  He has a scan as ‘Cassius Clay’ on Joker 200X.)



Accents (Chicago) (ref Bernice Williams) – Enchanted Garden/ Tell Me Now, ’63 (Mercury 72154)



Accents (San Diego) (ft Sandi) – Better Watch Out Boy, ’64 (Commerce 5012 & Challenge 59254 (45-1113), ’65)

Accents (San Diego) (ft Sandi and Gabe) – Tell Me (What’s On Your Mind), ’64 (Commerce 5012 & Challenge 59254 (45-1113), ’65)


Accents (San Diego) (ft Sandi) – I’ve Got Better Things To Do/ Then He Starts To Cry, ’64 (Charter 1017)


Accents (San Diego) – On The Run/ He’s The One, ’64 (Karate 529) (No artist is featured on this release.)


(Sweet Talk is by Tommy Ray Tucker with the flip, The Big Buildup issued on Challenge # 59294.  The book’s entry for the Accents (Tell Me/Sweet Talk) on Challenge 9294 appears to be a compounded error.)



Accents (Seattle) (Ron Peterson & The) – Linda Lou/ Sticky, ’65 (Jerden 728)



Accents (Providence RI) – Friendly Stranger/ People Are Funny, ’69 (Gazzarri 90391) (As/, the Accents recorded and released these sides in Los Angeles. The group also recorded in 1968 for Planet and in 1970 for Freeform Records.  A supporting article is @



Accent’s (Indiana) (Danny & The) – Her Diary/ She Couldn’t Be Real, ’65 (Valli 307)


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