Combinations (Calif) – Back Home Again/ Rockin’ Chair Rock, ’60 (Combo 167) (Other sources list ‘I’m A Travelin’ Man as the flip.  No scans found.  RCS directory does list the Combo release.)


Combinations (Calif) (Artie Morris & The)

– Back Home Again/ Rockin Chair Rock, ’59 (CoCo 163) (Label scans found for both sides.)

– Back Home Again/ I’m A Travelin’ Man, ’59 (CoCo 163) (RCS Directory lists both sides.  No scan for I’m A Travelin’ Man.)



Combinations (Unknown Group) – Mother Was Right, ’63 (Fortune LP 8017-Treasure Chest Of Musty Dusties, Vol 2)


Combinations (Detroit) – Just One More Chance/ Voodoo, ’70 (Carrie 010) (#010 scans found.  Also found Just One More Chance on Carrie 1514.)


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